RQV Geolab.


RQV Geolab., a subsidiary to RQV Teknik AB, provides geotechnical soil examinations, the following tests and properties can be determined in the state-of-the-art soil laboratory:

  • Particle size distribution / sieving.
  • Particle size analysis, 0.075 - 0.002 mm / Hydrometer method / ASTM D422 / ISO 17892-4:2016 (Svensk Standard).  
  • Modified Proctor compaction (ASTM D1557 / modifierad Proctor, tung laboratoriestampning, SS 02 71 09).
  • Permeability tests (BS 1377:5 British Standard / ISO 17892-11:2004 Svensk Standard).
  • Specific gravity of solids / Particle density (Fluid pycnometer method / ASTM D854 / ISO 17892-3:2015 Svensk Standard).
  • Atterbergs limits: Liquid limit and Plastic limit (ASTM D4318 / ISO TS 17892-12).
  • Optimum water content (OWC), Max dry density (MDD), Buld density, fines content, etc.
  • Sand Castle tests (collapsibility / Corps of Engineers, method A).
  • Permeameter testing, Dia 250 mm  acrylic glass (plexi glass) / NEF and CEF-tests acc. to Foster&Fell set-up / internal stability testing . (Erodibility assessment of core soil / filter performance assessment / suffusion testing).


By single-operator techniques, to achieve maximum cost- and time-effectiveness, the following geotechnical services are offered: 

  • DCP (dynamic cone penetrometer) and hand penetrometer (measuring properties like penetration resistance/shearing resistance, CBR (Californian Bearing Ratio), density and compaction).
  • Mackintosh prospecting kit. Up to 12 m probing depth in soils. Custom made to fit a heavier DCP fall weight and heavy duty tip to accomodate harder soil. 
  • Sample ring kit model E, heavy, 53 mm, auger.
  • Infiltrometer (measuring infiltration capacity and hydraulic conductivity).
  • Open test pit examination (soil sampling, total soil evaluation).
  • Auger examination (gouge auger sampling).   
  • Piezometric measurements (groundwater levels) by using Diver loggers with barometric compensation.